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Why everyone should visit Zagreb in December


What else can I add about this topic? Not much, so I’ll try not to be boring with the things you already know. Zagreb has won the award for the best Christmas market second year in a row and there is no person in Croatia who doesn’t know that so I wasn’t even sure should I write about it, but after all that Christmas and New Year rush passed I decided that I will for all of you who live abroad or far from Zagreb and haven’t been there yet.

Ironically, I spent few months in Zagreb during the last year and only one night during the Christmas market. I can’t say that I really love this town, but I adore it in December. I saw many famous Christmas markets all around the world and I can proudly say that this one in Croatia’s capital is one of the best for me and I will tell you why.

There is something about Christmas that wakes up the inner child in every one of us, or at least in most of us (I don’t understand people who don’t like Christmas, so I’ll pretend they don’t exist). That is the part of a year that reminds me on childhood, when the only worry was how to decorate a house and the Christmas three and what should I write to Santa. Add to that smell of delicious cakes and fritters and how could you not like that? For me that’s a true spirit of Christmas. A spirit that you can’t feel everywhere.

That is the reason I prefer Zagreb over any other big town. You can see better lights and better decoration in some other capitals, of course. Those are the things money can buy, but Zagreb has that special spirit that I wrote about above. And I will proudly say that you can’t eat better food typical for that part of a year nowhere, or maybe you can in my hometown Split, but I don’t know if I’m a little bit subjective so I will return to Zagreb.

There is one place that I never skip when I am in Zagreb and the first thought in my head after someone mentions trip there is “Okey, I will call to book a table! “. If you have read some of my previous posts you already know how much I love sushi and there is no better place where you can eat it than EverGreen sushi bar in Zagreb (and, no, they didn’t pay me to write this).


That was the first place we went after we left the luggage in hotel. It’s not really Christmas food, but if you ask me sushi is always a good choice and you can always end a night in the town with some of many delicious Christmas treats such as fritters, gingerbread or pie as we did.



After the dinner we went to skating rink at Tomislavac, but it was too cold for two girls from Split used to warm weather during the all year, so we didn’t stay long. Glass of punch and cooked vine in combination with nutella fritters at Zrinjevac park seemed like a better idea. Park looked amazing, like you entered some fairyland and the foodie corners where everywhere. Place was full of people and the atmosphere was nice so there we decided to spend last few hours in a town.



skating park





There is much more to see in Zagreb during the December, Christmas market spreads on different locations around the city, but unfortunately I didn’t spend enough time there to see all. If you liked this part, here is MORE.

Zagreb was the second stop on our way to Budapest (I skipped first for now) where we spent some great time and New Year’s eve.

I will write more about it soon. 🙂



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