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If I have to list three of the best experiences in my life, until now, swimming with dolphins would  definitely be one of them. For me, dolphins have always been a symbol of friendship, happiness and good. Something like the dogs in our lives. Swimming with dolphins has always been on my bucket list and completely unexpected I fulfilled this dream on my first trip to Dubai.


I went to Dubai  for only 36 hours and spent 14 in the air. How many people would do that? Not so many I think, but with me everything is possible. I expected boring and exhausting trip and I knew that I won’t see much of Dubai, but it was what it was. Trip turned out to be the worst in my entire life. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. From the food poisoning and delay to the unknown electronic device found on the airplane just a few minutes before the take- off. I will probably never get used to airplanes and I really don’t like to be in the air so you can imagine how much I wanted to exit the plane when I heard about that device, but it was too late. We took off after the special forces check everything. It was officially the longest flight in my entire life and I was just thinking about returning home in one piece.

When we finally arrived at the hotel things began to improve. We got suite,  room and other facilities in Meydan hotel were absolutely amazing. The same was with the service. They were really helpful and generous and they showed me the list of activities which they offer. When I saw swimming with dolphins I didn’t even want to look any further. That was it. I forgot about all the troubles on the way there and I was excited as a little kid and how could I not be? I was a few hours away from achieving one of my childhood dreams. We booked immediately because the group was almost full and we were lucky to catch the last two places. Usually you have to book in advance and you can do it HERE. 




We came there 45 minutes before the session as they told us. First, we met with the trainers who explained to us everything. What they like and what they don’t, where we can and cannot touch them. They gave us precise instructions how we should behave when we enter the pool and after that, we got the wet-suites and were allowed to meet this incredible creatures. Those dolphins are used to people and they were born in captivity, but they are and always will be wild animals and everyone should treat them with respect. We danced with them, played with ball, enjoyed the belly ride and those who were braver (I was) even tried diving with them. That was the best part. It was a little bit scary for the first moment because everything happens very quickly. At one moment I was standing on my feet and in the next I was under the surface. A few seconds after that the dolphin jumped in the air with me.

Amazing !!!




Time flies so fast when you are having fun and after 30 minutes we got the kiss from the dolphin and the session was over.

Unfortunately you can’t bring your camera so I don’t have many photos, but there was official photographer and we bought some when we finished. Swimming with dolphins was unforgettable experience and I’m still excited when I remember that. That’s once in lifetime experience and truly worth every penny.

I didn’t plan this and I didn’t expect anything, but hassle from that trip, but beautiful things happen when you least expect them…..


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