After we spent a night in Zagreb, we get up early and continued our trip to Budapest. It took us just three hours to get there which was great because we were not tired and we had enough energy to spend whole day and night in the town.

I parked my car in front of the hotel entrance and the doorman immediately opened the car door and said,  “Welcome to the Prestige Hotel miss, we were expecting you” . Great first impression if you ask me. He took our luggage and accompanied as to the check-in desk while the other guy parked my car in the garage. We came a few hours before the regular check in and I thought that we will have to wait, but we didn’t. They found a room which was ready and actually they gave us a Suite and showed us everything we need to know.

The room was huge, and equipped with everything you could need. When we opened the door there was a little entrance hall and the stares which led to the large living room, with a TV, sofas, working table, mini bar and coffee machine. Bedroom was on the other part and it was also equipped with TV and fancy designed. I loved the design and colors in the room. So, what else could you ask for? I thought nothing, but then I looked at the table and saw that they even left a welcome gift for me and a chocolate. That is what I call excellent service !


We relaxed for a while and went to the town for a lunch. We didn’t have to use a car because Prestige Hotel is located in the center and all the main streets and most of the top attractions are within walking distance which was great because we had a huge list of  things to see and do. We were not here to relax, at least not in the first three days.
That is what I usually do wherever I come. I like to see as much as I could in the first few days and I always leave the last day to relax and I did the same here.



After three days of exploring this amazing town, we decided to take a day off, and relax in the hotel wellness. We saw almost everything that we wanted and it was freezing outside so I would say that it was a perfect decision and we deserved it.
We didn’t even turn on the alarm clock. We get up when we wanted and went to the breakfast. There was a great buffet with a huge selection of everything you could wish for. Also we could choose a la carte dishes. I thought that I was done with threats but I just couldn’t resist a warm nutella croissants. I admit, sometimes I am really weak if we talk about food, but if it counts I also took a healthy plate of a fresh fruit and a green tea.

Delicious breakfast didn’t surprise me. Restaurant partner of a Prestige Hotel is the Michelin starred Costes Downtown. Chef of Costes Downtown, run the hotel restaurant kitchen under the professional supervision of Portuguese celebrity chef  Miguel Rocha Viera.

After the breakfast, we went to wellness and spent there few hours. Probably all the other people went to sightseeing so we were alone and that was great. Call me weird, but I don’t like to share sauna and Jacuzzi with people I don’t know so this was perfect. Also, we could take as many photos as we wanted or actually as I wanted. Petra probably hates me because of that and she couldn’t wait to turn off the camera.


I didn’t forget the nutella croissants from breakfast so I decided to spend that extra calories on a trade-mill. I don’t know how many miles is enough after those holidays but at least I started.

When we came to our room and thought that we pampered ourselves enough one lovely lady knocked on the door and gave me two little chocolates. The service was absolutely amazing, they knew exactly what we wanted and we felt so looked after.

That was our last day in Budapest and soon I will write more about this town, and things you can do there. I’ll try to give you some useful tips so you can easier plan your trip.
I felt like princes in Prestige Hotel and that is the place I will definitely stay at when I return to Budapest. I can’t recommend it enough !



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