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Airplane carry-on (packing guide)


When I started to travel I had a tendency to over pack everything and the same was with the carry-on. The result was heavy luggage and pile of unnecessary things. Now, after few years of traveling I can’t say that I love to be in the air. I don’t, but I’m a real pro when we talk about packing and securing myself the best possible comfort anywhere.

Here is what I have learned:

No matter where do you travel, this routine should be the same. First, you must choose a right bag according to the airlines size and weight requirements (mostly it’s allowed 10 kg, but always check to be sure). Also, forget about liquids, creams, gels or any sharp objects. If you make a mistake here there is no way that you will pass the security before they drop everything in the garbage and trust me there is no point in arguing with them. They saw people like you before, they have heard all possible excuses and they won’t care about the price of your new perfume. That’s a liquid and it goes to the garbage.

Here is my guide that will make your packing easier and help you survive boring hours in the air.



Don’t be crazy and risk. Once you leave your bag you won’t know who is touching or opening it and what’s even worse if there is something missing you won’t be able to prove anything, so bring everything of monetary value with you. Of course the same is with the documents. If you lose them you will spend days on the other part of the Earth, in the unknown  providing  papers so you can return home. It happened once to me and for sure it is one of the worst things that can happen while traveling.



Neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, warm clothes, socks and sleeping pills. This are essentials for the long-haul flights. I have my favourite travel pillow that I got as a present and I never travel without it anywhere. It has a name and I almost treat “him” like a human being. I know it sounds crazy, but you will understand when you find yourself alone, thousands of feet in the air for hours.



Flights are boring so you must provide yourself something that will occupy you while you are awake. Bring some good book, laptop, camera, phone and of course chargers. Even if you don’t think that you need all of this be aware that baggage handlers are not gentle and there is a huge possibility that something will be broken.



I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the airplane food and I almost never eat it. I always bring some fruits, nuts and protein bars with me. More about it you can read here.



I know that you have all you need in the check in bag, but what if your luggage get lost? This is something that happens every day. It happened to me few times so I think it is very important to have something to change unless you are ready for shopping as soon as you arrive.



This is the part for women. Cabins are dry and you must bring something to hydrate your skin. You don’t need all the make up, but few basic things that I always bring with me are face wipes, lip balm, mascara, moisturizer and head-wear. This is enough to look refreshed, rested and ready to rock the world.

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