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Is there anyone who doesn’t have New York on their bucket list? If you are one of those, trust me, you should think about that again. It’s not so far (just 6 hours flight from Frankfurt) and offer so much to experience. New York City is famous for fashion, art, food, theater, nightlife and never ending hustle and bustle. It’s a city that truly never sleeps.
If this grabbed your attention, first thing you should think about is getting a US visa (this is for Croatian citizens). I almost missed my flight because I waited too long to renew mine. Don’t risk that and apply for one at least 3 weeks before the trip. You can find all the information on the site of the US embassy (here).


NYC is a town with over 8 million people and you can spend a lifetime exploring and never see it all. I had only a few days to see as many as I can so before the trip I made a list of places to visit.


Probably the most famous skyscraper in the world. With 443 m high it was the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years. It’s not any more, but the view from two observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floor is still spectacular.


This green oasis in the middle of Manhattan separates east from west and covers over 40 blocks. It’s a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. There you can find a strawberry fields and Zoo, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, ride a bike, walk through a lot of little paths or rent a rowboat.




You can take a Staten Island ferry, which is free and will take you across the harbor and give you a view of the Statue of Liberty. I must admit that I wasn’t so so impressed with that, probably because it didn’t look so big between all those skyscrapers, but the ride takes only 20 minutes, so you won’t lose much time and you will see the city skyline from a different perspective.



NYC has the most famous skyline in the world and the view from the top beats all the other views. It’s absolutely breathtaking and includes most of Manhattan’s prominent landmarks, even the Empire State Building. This is attraction that I liked the most. Don’t miss it.


You can’t go to the NYC and skip a Times Square. It’s a most famous neighborhood and you must experience it (check out video on my You Tube channel). There are so many billboards,shops, bars, restaurants and street performers. It’s also home to all the Broadway shows. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see any, but I believe they are absolutely worth the price. Go there during the night for complete experience and be prepared for crowds.

Times square


There are so many museums in NYC and it would take you days to see them all. I checked the list, picked one that I liked the most and I could definitely say that I didn’t make a mistake. The museum is huge, there are so many dinosaurs, fossils, meteors, and you will need at least 3-4 hours to see it all. Probably it will be crowded and I am not sure what is the best time to go because it opens at 10 so you can’t go early in the morning (that’s what I usually do to avoid the crowds) but its worth to see.



5th Avenue is a heaven for fashion lovers with deep pockets. There you can find all the designer shops. I am not some huge fan of shopping and I always find a better way to spend a time, which was priceless in this case so I would probably avoid it if I didn’t know that few of the top attractions are on that Avenue (Rockefeller center, Empire State Building, St. Patrick Cathedral). If you like shopping, then check out Soho.
Wall Street is the most famous finance center. I bet you heard about it hundreds times and see it in so many movies. Actually the neighborhood name is Financial District, but over time the term Wall Street has become a metonym for the financial markets and there you can see the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank and New York Board of Trade. For  good luck and fortune don’t forget to take a photo with a famous bull.
I saw all of these attractions in just 5 days. The good thing is that they are not so far from each other and you can see even more if you like all-day tours. When I go somewhere first time I like to see, feel and experience as much as I can without a constant rush from one place to another, so this is all from my first and definitely not the last trip to New York.




The first concern I had when I began to plan a trip to New York City was traffic. I knew that I should make the most of the limited time I have and I was afraid that I was going to lose a bunch of time in traffic.
Luckily, that was completely wrong. We rented apartment in the Manhattan Midtown so it took me approximately 15 min drive to most of the attractions. You can catch famous yellow cab anywhere and whenever you need it. You don’t have to wait for it and they are really inexpensive. If you are staying longer and want something budget friendly then I recommend  buying a 7 day transit pass for 30$. Subway makes traveling around NYC easy, especially if you go to the more remote parts of town and want to avoid waiting in the traffic.


The food from every corner of the earth can be found in NYC, so do your best to taste as many as you can. My first impression is that New Yorkers eat extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy. There is no middle. You can see so many food vendors on the streets next to each other. On one you can buy smoothies and squeezed juices , on another chips, pizza, burger or hot dog. The same is with the markets and I actually liked that because you always have a choice and there is something for everyone.
NYC is a home of some of the best chefs and Michelin star winners. I always use tripadvisor or yelp to find the best restaurants. Don’t forget to make a reservation because you won’t find a table without. I ate one of the best sushi in my life in Koi Bryant Park Japanese restaurant and I would definitely recommend it.
New York is also a city where you can eat best pizza, burgers, bagels, stake, ramen, tacos and barbecue so good luck with trying not to gain weight.


“If you are greedy for life, that’s what New York is all about. If you are trying to get as much as you can every day, this city is the place to be. ” – Pam Nelson
New York City is a world of possibilities. It left a strong impression on me and it’s not just about the town. I really liked the people there. They are so friendly and hard-working, always positive with unstoppable energy. I found them so inspiring and can’t wait to go there again.


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