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Ski weeks during the winter holidays have become some kind of a tradition in my family since I was a child. We used to go somewhere every year. Last year my father had a knee injury and he couldn’t go so for a first time in my life I went just with my little sister.
We went from Split, through Trieste and Udine to Nassfeld and that was a terrible mistake. If you check a distance it’s a little bit shorter than the other route through Ljubljana, but the road is really bad in some parts. What is even worse, as soon as you exit Italian highway you end up directly on the Austrian board. There is no gas station when you exit highway so guess what happened to me. I forgot to buy a vignetta and of course, paid too much for not thinking.


The trip didn’t start as we planned and I was really nervous because of fine, but it happened what happened. Next time I will be smarter. After six hours we have finally arrived. Sun had already gone down and it was really cold so we decided to take some rest and then we went for a dinner in the town.

We stayed at Hermagor, less than 10 minutes from the main ski lift Millennium Express and five minutes from the frozen lake Presseger Sea. Position was great. Everything were close and most of the restaurants are here.  After all day of skiing we could walk through town and enjoy some delicious dinner. We ate in few different restaurants and food was delicious in everyone. I will highly recommend Restaurant Mari e Monti and Restaurant Barenwirt.
Just look at that portion.

mari e monti restaurant


Unfortunately we didn’t have luck with weather. There were no snow and it was freezing. Around -17 in the morning and maximum -10 during the day so we dressed warmly before we went to the piste, but it was still too cold for skiing.


First, we went to the ski rental to rent a ski boots for my sister and I was pleasantly surprised. Prices were really affordable, especially for the kids (28 E for four days). That’s a great price for a place such as Nassfeld. The price of a ski pass depends on a ski season . We were there on the main season (25.12-25.3) and one daily ticket cost 46 E for adult and 23 E for a child. It’s not cheap, but it is a standard price for that kind of a resorts.
Nassfeld is the only mountain range I have been where you can surf. More than 20 WiFi hotspots provide free of charge internet access directly on the piste. Also, there is a Croatian bar on the top of the mountain where we spent a lot of time. Party begins every day around 2 pm and the atmosphere is amazing.

This is the view from the bar.


There is 110 km of pistes, 300 km of cross-country trails and 7 sq km natural ice ring on Lake Weissensee and Lake Pressegger See. There is really a lot to enjoy here. When we were there some of the pistes were closed because there were no snow and it is impossible to make a fake snow in all but the ski lift operators constantly try to provide best piste conditions. I must say that these that were open, were in perfect condition.



Last day we went skating on the Lake Pressegger See and that was the first time that both of us were skating on the real frozen lake. It was a little bit scary in the beginning because you can hear the water under the ice and it seams like everything is going to collapse every moment.

Interesting and unique experience.
It was nice first trip for us and, despite the troubles on the arrival and lack of snow we spent few great days in Nassfeld.


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