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Lastovo (Mediterranean as it once was)

Did you ever think about Lastovo island as a perfect summer getaway? I suppose that you didn’t because whenever I spoke with someone about Croatian islands, first thoughts  were always Hvar and Brac. I am not saying that you shouldn’t visit those two, but trust me there is much more that Croatian coast can offer. Lastovo is a small island, not so popular among tourists  and I am not sure who we should blame for that, but I am sure that soon you will hear for it.

If you want to avoid the tourist rush, experience something different and almost untouched, enjoy traditional specialties and sunbath on the natural beaches, swim in crystal clear sea and see the ancient stone houses standing there just as they stood 300 years ago keep reading. This is the place for you.




One of the reasons why Lastovo is still “undiscovered” is their position. It is one of the most distant Croatian islands, but the beauty that you will see there will let you speechless. I must admit that I didn’t know much about this island and when I get the proposal to go there, first thought was “Okay, but what are we going to do there?” . Thanks to my adventures spirit I accepted so we took a ferry from Split to Ubli Lastovo. It took us almost five hours to get there (you can also take the fast boat and it will take you three hours) . It seems a lot, but in the good company time flies.


Advice: Bring the food with you because it will cost you too much on the boat and it isn’t worth the price.

We were shocked how cold it was when we exit the ferry, so be ready for that. Nights on the island are always fresh even in the summer.



We were tired and hungry when we have arrived in Lastovo, but luckily our friends mum  had prepared a worm welcome and cooked delicious seafood risotto for us. What can be better than traditional specialty cooked by a local woman? Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo because I was too tired to think about it.

Next day the sound of the rooster woke us up and we were truly amazed when we looked through the window. Lastovo is a small ancient village in the shape of amphitheater and of course there is a reason why they have built the houses that way. In the past pirate attacks were frequent so they built a village in the heart of the island surrounded with hills so that they could see if someone was coming and from the sea no one couldn’t sea anything.




The view from Sangaleti Apartments



The place was so calm and peaceful and the only sound that we could hear was coming from the birds and hunting dogs in the distance. Hunting is really popular here and as a huge animal lover that’s the only thing that I don’t like about this place. But I like shooting the target so I was really happy when I heard that we are going to try it.

I wasn’t that bad.

After the breakfast we went to explore island. We went with the car, but in my opinion bikes or a motorbikes that you can rent when you exit the ferry are the best transport here. We saw most of the beaches and they are mainly rocky, completely natural surrounded by the pine tries. They are not accessible by car and you won’t need one here. Everything is so close and with a motorbike you can get from one side of a island to another in 20 minutes. Or what’s even better rent a small boat and explore the island from the sea. Lastovo is sailing and diving paradise with so many dreamy hidden bays.




Don’t miss the view from heliodrom.


This paradise on earth is definitely worth spending a few days on if you want to take a break from overcrowded cities.  And one more thing… don‘t forget to take a look at the stars. I never saw the more beautiful starry night.

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