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Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long to visit one of the most beautiful European cities. Budapest is so close to Zagreb which makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination.

I will immediately  give you a few reasons why you should visit this amazing town as soon as possible…

You can easily reach Budapest from most major European cities. I went there from Zagreb, with a car and it took me three hours to get there. You can’t get lost because it can’t be much easier than it is, but if you don’t prefer driving don’t worry. Budapest has great train connection with Zagreb and most of the European capitals. Also, bus lines are frequent.

Second, for the most people very important  reason are the prices. This town is really cheap and you can find a great, even luxury accommodation for a very affordable prices (here you can check where we stayed). Same is with the restaurants, markets, coffee bars and tickets for the main attractions. I went there with my friend Petra and even in the period of holidays when we were there everything were cheap (for example, two people can have a lunch for less than 20E) .

Budapest is true example of Hungarian power and culture. You can feel different influences from both East and West in this town and if you are architecture lover this town will leave you breathless. There are so many attractions, cultural and history buildings and museums there. If I ,for example compare it with Paris or London, two of  most famous destinations in Europe, I would say that in Budapest believe it or not, you can see even more.




There are  two separated parts in Hungarian capital, Buda and Pest, separated with Danube river and connected with Chain Bridge. We booked our accommodation on the Pest side and that was great decision because that part of a town is much more populated. Most of the hotels, restaurants and bars are there. The town was full of young people and  it was hard to find a table in the bars. They were all full and the atmosphere was great.

Our hotel was just 150 meter from the Parliament building so that’s the place where we began our sightseeing. That is also the most popular picture of Budapest. You can see it on the most postcards for a reason. It is really impressive.

Than we walked to the St. Stephan’s Basilica and I can’t say that it was something special. It’s nice, but that’s it, and it was really cold so we decided to take a drink and grab some snack in some of the bars in Kazinczy Street.

You can find bars and restaurants everywhere. You just have to choose what you like and be lucky to find a place.





To be honest, I didn’t like traditional Hungarian dishes at all, with the exception of Dobos cake (it’s delicious). I tried it as I always do when I come to some new city, but I don’t prefer that fatty and spicy food so once was enough. Luckily, that is not a problem when you are in Budapest. This city is a true paradise for every food lover because here you can find restaurant  with every possible existing cuisine in this world. What’s even better you don’t have to search too much. Italian, Austrian, Croatian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish…. they are all in the center. Prices are really affordable and for example two people can have a nice lunch for less than 20 E. And if you walk 100-200 meter from the main streets it’s even cheaper.





If you read some of my previous posts you already know that I don’t care about this part, but for all the girls who are nothing like me, here is  advice.

In the Andrassy Avenue you can find most of  luxury brand shops or if you are looking for something more affordable go to the Vaci Street.


From the attractions on the  Pest side you can also see  Hero Square, Vajdahunyad castle, Opera House and Museum of Terror. Of course, there are more museums, gardens, baths and attractions if you have time, but this is what we saw.





We spent our third day in Budapest exploring this part of the city full of amazing architecture. There you can see a Buda’s Castle, Fishermans Bastion, St. Matthias Church and Citadella. We liked it so much that we went to see some places again during the night. That is something that I will definitely recommend. Town is amazing during the day, but it will left you speechless illuminated by hundreds of lights. What’s even better there were very little people during the night. It was  freezing, but it wasn’t much better during the day so it was absolutely worth.

We went with the car because we wanted to see as much as possible and that was a great decision because you can park a car just in front of the Castle. That was a little bit weird and we were confused  specially because most of the tourists looked at us like we shouldn’t be driving there, but we payed for parking and there were no problem, so if you are lazy or don’t have enough time to see all like we didn’t, I think this is great.






Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities that I have  visited. It’s not too big so you can see a lot in very little time. Of course, in three days we just scratched the surface and unfortunately, we didn’t see everything that we planned , but luckily it’s not far away so I will definitely return.




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