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Do you know that feeling when you get a mini heart attack after seeing the bill for using a data abroad? I’m sure everyone has experienced that at least once and I don’t know about you, but I’m done with that, so I teamed up with TEP WIRELESS to show you the best way to stay connected wherever you go without paying a crazy roaming charges.




Sometimes, it’s nice to be disconnected and fully enjoy all the new things, but also that gives me a feeling of insecurity specially when I’m on the other side of world in the unknown. You never know when you will need some information from internet, or GPS directions (check out here what happened the last time when I travelled without data). We live in the world where we are all used to have any information without a lot of effort, with just few clicks on the internet, and that’s cool, until you find yourself abroad without it. At that moment figuring out how to connect to the internet becomes priority. Of course, today you can find WiFi in almost every bar or restaurant, but again, that makes you dependent on a public WiFi and I don’t have to point out that the service is often disaster.

With TAP WIRELESS you can stay connected 24/7 anywhere and that makes traveling so much easier. It works just like any other wireless router and it’s small enough so you can put it in your pocket. You can connect up to five devices at the same time and use it as long as you want for a price of seven euro per day.

If you don’t travel as much as I do and you need this device occasionally you can rent it and they will send it directly to your hotel or wherever you want.

It’s a great discovery for me, it gives me complete freedom of traveling and now I can chat, use Instagram, google, Skype, WhatsApp, GPS or whatever I need to manage my business or contact the people I love anywhere without thinking about the phone bill.


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